All lyrics written by Adam Beattie


1. The Man I’ve Become


What did I dream of?

Who would I be?

Is the man that I aimed for

The man that you see?

I don’t know where I’m going

But I know where I’m from

I’m getting to know

The man that I’ve become


They say that each action

Of the every day

Either will make you

Or take something away

The further you go

The longer the return

I’m getting to know

the man that I’ve become


Life is a string of things you’ve won

And things you’ve lost

All that you’ve gained

Against all of the costs

The work of my father

The gift of a son

I’m getting to know

The man that I’ve become


2. The Same Sea


I meant to write sooner

But I’ve been busy of late

I wish I could fly

home on this page

I lost the job

Just the other day

I got there to find

someone had taken my place


I sit by the river

the river flows free

If we had boats we could float

to the very same sea


I bought an old squeeze box

It’s missing some keys

I play down the market

they seem to like me

Sometimes a child

Will dance to a song

Before mummy or daddy

will hurry them along


I look for lorries

that bear our nation’s name

I want to hide in the back

and see if I make it home


There’s a guy from back home

He explained it to me

They’re thinking of

kicking us out you see

And since he showed me

The signs that they wear

I’ve started to notice

Them everywhere


The wind from the west

It blows so strong

I wanna jump up high

And see if I make it home


Now that I know this

I’ve been playing every day

I think it’s time to return

It’s not going my way

And with each penny

They throw in the hat

I think they must hope

that I’m saving for that


In the tree by the window

I watch the young swallows

And when they depart

I wish I could follow

But the swallows are young

And their journey is long

I’ll give them this letter

And see if it makes it home



3. I’m on your side


The only war that’s worth the blood

And all the marching in the mud

Is one where neither side can deny

They’ve made a better world for you and I


Put yourself in the another’s shoes

You’ll see when you win, another will lose

Fortune will come and go like the tide

I’m on your side


Like the Chinese emperor’s famous plight

That he’d rid his enemies over night

And in the morn’ his council could not believe

To see his foes come round for tea


Put yourself in another’s place

You’ll find yourself easier to face

And in your foes you may confide

I’m on your side


And in my very own street, a man named Wag

His once fine suits all turned to rags

He recalls the war and the men he fought

And how they’re the only friends he’s got


Ally yourself with another’s words

And suddenly they don’t seem so absurd

You’ll find that truths are just like lies

I’m on your side


4. The Road Not Taken


I’ve had my share of good times and bad

But they never told me as a lad

That you never get another look

Down the roads you never took


And to return and change your way

You’ll find it’s gone and there to stay

And still not get another look

Down the roads you never took


You may follow on down trampled routes

With heroes buried under foot

For we often tend to stay

Close to those who feel the same way


Down that road you’ll rue the day

You ever chose to come this way

You’ll never know the things forsaken

Down all the roads not taken


And the road it will not lengthen when

You go further, it will never end

You’re always standing at the start

Which too will vanish as you depart


I try my best to feel at ease

With all that’s blown by in the breeze

But now and then I am shaken

From a dream of all those roads not taken




5. You Only Kill The One You Love


Of all the girls I’ve ever met

Not a single one remains and yet

I’ve loved each one and pledged to all

But new somehow we were bound to fall


You kill the one you love

Those Wildean words I often think of

Why do we burn what makes the brightest flame

The rose so sweet, the thorny cane


In every kiss we ever shared

With best intentions never spared

But every kiss was numbered by

Laws we tried our best not to abide


You only kill the one you love

The eagle rests in the nest of a dove

To build a home, never again to roam

The heart departs and goes alone


Of all the girls I’ve ever met

Only one remains and loves me yet

We talk of the past and long to be free

The irony that binds me and she


6. The Family Tree


Let’s say she’s the leaves that fall from the floor

The heavenly heartwood at the tree’s very core

Let’s say she’s roots that bide in the ground

Or the bark that protects all year round

In one sense gone and part of the air

In another preserved as just one more layer

But now in peace and forever free

But always part of the family tree


As each new bud adds weight to it’s branch

It makes grandparents from uncles and aunts

As each branch thickens, like a trunk it becomes

The back and the feet, the heart and the lungs

To a new branch who will choose its time

To point to the sun and start it’s climb

Or grow to strength or cease to be

Or start it’s own family tree


As the crown grows broader and further apart

It will always remain, at one at heart

We’ll be snowed under by our own blossom

And when one falls it will help to soften

And with each season a part will die

And fall to the ground where grandmother lies

And so she will know so I ask of thee

To take good care of the family tree


I once saw a tree split right open

It’s bark in tact but it’s heartwood broken

I looked above to see its head still strong

But at what cost and for how long?

How long will it be before the leaves will know

the heartache felt down below?

So for the buds and the blossom

Make a stand with me

To love and be loyal to the family tree



7. The Man Who Loves Too Much


The horse wears blinders so he can’t see to the side

A woman is veiled to make a worthy bride

You can’t catch two fish on the same line

The man who loves too much will lose every time


He who shoots straight but always looks away

He without faith but prays every day

If it bears no fruit it’s cut from the vine

The man who loves too much will lose every time


You can’t win a woman by showing your tears

The louder you shout, the less people hear

The heavier the heart, the harder the climb

The man who loves too much will lose every time


He says he doesn’t love you but he always asks for more

He invites you to a bed he’s made up by the door

He’ll read you the rules but he won’t let you sign

The man who loves too much will lose every time


Every cell will perish and all will be replaced

Memory will be passed on to a brand new face

She caught you looking for the past in an empty glass of wine

The man who loves too much will lose every time


The light will blind you if you stare too long

The heart will break if it feels too strong

Adam bit the apple and he died in his prime

The man who loves too much will lose every time


8. There’s No Postcard For This Town


I travel a lot

And I’ve often forgot

Of even the prettiest of places

Meet new people each day

“Keep in touch” we say

But they’re all just names without faces

So I started a routine

Of buying a postcard from every place I’ve been


And this land is filled

Next to rivers, on top of hills

With towns as pretty as can be

With names without fame

But with locals who claim

Some hero or legacy

And the pride of the land

Just sits on top like a crown

And I buy a postcard from every town


But there’s the sort of place

That I pass in haste

It just clings to the side of the road

And its heart is gone

Replaced by the road we’re on

Just trying hard to bear the load

And the only folks that remain

Were here long before the road came

And they meet your gaze

Only with a frown

There is no postcard for this town


The traffic rushes through

And I spy one of the few

Just sulking like a sunflower in the drought

Looking for what they’re owed

With a face like a stone on a roman road

And where you hear no splash

You’re left to drown

There is no postcard for this town


9. Catch The Biggest Fish And Let It Go


I kissed her at the village dance

I’d sat next to her in class

On the bus home the windows steamed up

I wrote her name on the glass

But back at school

like a fool I moved too slow

Catch the biggest fish and let it go


She sent me upstairs to her bed

I heard her party down below

She went to the pub in her dressing gown

To steal me toilet roll

She said she never keeps anything that grows

Catch the biggest fish and let it go


She bought a one-way ticket

And packed her winter clothes

She’s got so much love to give

But to whom she never knows

And when I hesitated

She quickly found another

Catch the biggest fish and let it go


She could get a meeting with the pope

She’d fake death to jump the queue

But she never watered flowers

Because she liked to buy them new

They’ll come again after the winter’s snow

Catch the biggest fish and let it go


A kiss was like a dance to her

Something that friends can share

Her mother kept her boyfriends

In a cupboard under the stairs

There’s something broken in every home

Catch the biggest fish and let it go

Catch the biggest fish and let it go


10. Welcome Home


Got off the train, walked to my house

Long after everyone had all moved out

Knocked on the door, a stranger came

I held out my hand and gave my name

It meant little to him

And when I asked if I’d come in

I imagined my mother

At the top of the stairs

And the words she’d always say


Welcome home

Welcome home

Lay down your bags

Take off your coat

Welcome home

Dinner’s on the stove

Welcome home


And I woke from this dream

And it was not what it seemed

I was at home, I heard people

Just like it’d always been

I went down to the kitchen

They sitting round the tree

There was mum and dad, big sister

And babies at my feet


Welcome Home…


And just to sit there between them

And watch the children play

The more they pass, the more I savour

Each and every day

Christmas lights at the window

And it was pitch black by four

But there was little reason

To step out that door


Welcome home…