All lyrics written by Adam Beattie


ABU BOZY (2006)


1. My Town Can Wait


Heading out of town on the ‘meldrum road

Got down to the station, the wind blew cold

My old suit jacket and my trilby hat

Lay blowing in the wind next to where I sat



My life I give to you world

Greet me with open arms

My town it can wait

It’s going to be great

I’ll come back and tell you all

I’ll come back and tell you all


The train heading south was coming, breaking through the night

It must have seen me waiting, my time in this town is out

My friends, I know I’ll miss them, a few of them I will write

I turn and touch the window, my town goes out of sight




I woke up on the platform, dustman sweeping past

This rambling, hungry feeling has not the strength to last

So I walk back to the square, and look up at my house

“One day, I know I’ll leave you and take the train down south”





2. Pretty Pink Shoes


Pretty pink shoes, sparkling clean

Best thing anyone at school has seen

Lizzy left home sharp, 8.a.m.

First in the playground, she’s gonna show them


There’s a short cut round Ury way

Over the railroad track

You can gain ten minutes, maybe more

By skipping the fence round back


Well, there’s nothing like the bounce of brand new rubber

And seeing the sun when you look to the ground

The railway line was free, nothing was coming

Gravel on her shoes was the only sound


The playground was still and quiet

But in her heart there was a riot

With her right foot leading, her left fell behind

Tied by its lace to the railway line


She fumbled to get it loose

As if it were her final noose

And as her body heat rose

And her heart beat quickened

A faint rumble in the distance thickened


She looked up at the smoke rising

Then back at her shoe

It didn’t take long to decide what to do

Only a split second but that’s still too long

Dropped like a stone into a world gone wrong

Noone there to tell her that live will go on



3. Bank Street


Well the street just blends, you’d walk right past

But it splashed my face with love at last

On that top floor flat we spent each night

Hidden away, out of sight



Every street is paved with gold

When hand in hand with you

I just hope our two paths cross

Whatever we may do


We’d stay out late in back street bars

Then we’d stumble pointing at the stars

On that black and blue street we spent a year

Holding it tight as the end grew near




Now and then I’ll walk that street

And with that window my eyes they meet

Who now lives there? I can’t handle

As I see the burning of another’s candle





4. Lonesome Pigeon


Lonesome Pigeon don’t be shy

What you need won’t just fall from the sky

Kids like trees in the main square

But only the best birds can compete there

Best to stay here in these back streets

When something drops there’ll be no one to beat


Lonesome Pigeon you can’t fly

Walking will do, we’ll help you get by

Your wings aren’t necessary, neither your beak

And soon you’ll grow hands and feet


You broke a wing now you’re bound to the ground

There’s always hope with the tourists around

They’ll buy you dinner, a euro a bag

While fellow man kneels bare foot and rag

Who knows why but nature can be cruel

You’re more deserved than some homeless fool




It’s like feeding a baby every time it cries

Numbers rise just like smoke into the skies

The smoke gets thicker, blocks out the sun

Before we know it we’re all on the run





5. Hand of this world


Six feet two, standing tall

Some men refuse to fall

He was born an orphan child

And thrown into the world


An early age and left to drown

In deep waters of his small town

But there’s no helping hand

For those from far off lands



And he still walks this land

Just trying the best he can

To shake the hand of this world


Dressing smart, head held high

These efforts were bound to die

For any friends he made

Were forced to fight or fade


The open sea is lonely and vast

But for some it’s peace at last

To hide away he tried

But his fate was with the tide





6. Road to Kariba


Smith was the best of a bad bunch, so they say

But the Blacks did not see their freedom this way

Now the fields are free from maize

In a state that not even heavy rains can save

Now all we can do is stand and watch

as this rose dries up and dies



On the road to Kariba,

does it mean nothing to you

To watch a flower dry up die


Would you trade a star for a sum

If the damage was done long after you were gone

Let go of the stalk it is causing you pain

The sweetness has gone and there’s nothing more to gain

The colour is fading fast how much longer can this last

Before a rose dries up and dies





7. Seabreeze


Woke up every hour since midnight

This new day is starting too slow

The same sun is finding my baby

I’m dressed and I’m ready to go


I was the first at the bus stop that morning

The new day was leading the day

I thought I heard that engine come burning

It’s never early, but maybe today



Well these summer days are melting

And everyone is feeling so blue

But the wintertime is welcome

Because I know I will be spending it with you


I’m feeling as fresh as the sea breeze

This blood in my veins wants out

My eyes they’re skipping and jumping

My legs they scream and shout


This is the day for which I’ve been waiting

The one that made me wish for summer to end

But please don’t let that sin be wasted

Or I’ll be my only friend




We’re getting closer to your street

Maybe you were early too

Don’t worry, I’ve saved you a seat

Just like you’d hoped I‘d do

Why are you not looking at me

You must be dazzled by the morning light

You pass me as you walk towards

You pass me then you’re out of sight





8. There’s No Santa Clause


Stood on a spider, the sky is grey

Thunder and Lightning are coming out to play

The rooftops are growling, the trees shake their heads

I’m feeling so heavy now the sun has gone to bed


One day in the classroom I learnt about charge

And little drops of mass from which all is carved

Outside a rainbow hollowed out

The air tasted empty and filled me with doubt


That night I looked out over the rooftops from my house

The sunset is paler when all the lights are out

Most nights I’d gaze at the stars and the moon

But straight to bed I went cause I’ll be dreaming soon


The monsters have gone now, but Santa has too

Without heaven and angels what else can you do?

I made my worst face as sunshine turned fair

All day I watched T.V. my eyes wont go square



9. Old Leather Bracelet


That old leather bracelet, you wrote your name on the back

But now the letters are broken, the words are all cracked

A river starts as a raindrop and digs a valley deep

But I still dream about you, even in my sleep


Sometimes we get angry, it feels like a storm

But when morning comes the rain and wind have gone

Then we’re together, the sunshine through the blinds

This love has been a gift to us the only debt is time


I’ve walked the streets, I’ve travelled the land

But to find a girl like you is like diamonds in the sand

We went to Paris, we went to Rome,

But whenever you were in my arms it felt like home


That old leather bracelet, you wrote your name on the back

But now the letters are broken, the words are all cracked

A river starts as a raindrop and digs a valley deep

But I still dream about you, even in my sleep



10. Sunday Morning, Here I Come


Sunday morning, here I come

I’m gonna crash into you, crash and burn

I’ve got myself a six-pack and a paper-packed heart attack

A half of white rum too


I used to go to parties just on my own

Made out I was waiting on someone who did not come

From eight ‘til ten I felt dumb but after that I got some

Good friendships lasting none


In those days my morning head was fresh

And who’s lying next to me is anyone’s guess

Used to talk to people all through the night

Not knowing that we’re boring each other alright


I realised I was leaving a trail

Of victims unsteady and frail

I new I had to pack it in, my master plan had worn thin

And I couldn’t remember where I’d been


Sunday morning, here I come

I’m gonna crash into you, crash and burn

I’ve got myself a six-pack and a paper-packed heart attack

A half of white rum too



11. My Baby Calls


Well this mud is pulling me on my knees

I found some shelter under some old fir trees

Now at last I’m out of the rain

But I’m not sure where I am again


My baby calls, she asked me what I fear

The first thing that comes to me

Is the idea that she’s not here

The idea that she’s not here


Well the rain fills up in the rim of my hat

As an old stray dog comes down the track

I turn some corners, I climb some walls

But I just can’t find my way back




Well I ask above to give me strength

To help me through this time again

But now it seems just like before

An endless ocean without a shore